The project aims at creating a purely software, open source version of the commercial product called sToken. It is carried out by Cryptographic laboratory of CMM Sigma. The fundamental aim of this project is the creation of a user-friendly interface enabling the users to easily establish VPN connections and to create the environment for telework. It is a graphic user interface for OpenSSL and OpenVPN applications responsible for performing the right tasks.

The application source code is based on the Qt library and is portable between the most popular operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux). Compiled versions of the software are available in a form of installation packages for Windows and Linux.

The software uses suitably modified versions of OpenSSL and OpenVPN. The modifiacations are connected with the implementation of the top-class public key algorithms - ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography). The introduced modifications allow you to use the latest and the most secure set of encryption algorithms.

We truly hope that our project will: