Telework and remote access

The key application of the sToken Soft package is the creation of VPN network for the purpose of building secure environment for telework.

Teleworkers, contractors and clients install SoftAdmin and SoftVPN software on their computers. Then, using the SoftAdmin programme they generate keys and certificate requests. The requests are sent to the administrator of the company network.

Administrator installs and configures SoftCA programme and OpenVPN server (servicing ECC algorithms). He receives certificate requests from the users and sends them back certificates (certificate of the office and certificate of a given user). From this moment the users have access to the company network.

After receiving certificates from the administrator, the users are ready to configure the SoftVPN programme and to establish connection with the company. The diagram below presents an exemplary network.

Wireless network protection

Our solutions may be also applied to protect local wireless networks. The use of electronic signature significantly improves the security of data sent over such a network.